Pop the Line is now live!!!

Our first game is ready to download on Google Play store!

What is Pop the Line about?

Pop the Line is a casual game of agility and coordination! We hope it will be an excellent time killer to help get through a boring lecture, a long commute or hard day at work…

You have to tap on the right colour at the right time to Pop the Line! Sounds easy but it’s challenging! Swipe to change colours or freeze time, explore hundreds of levels and unlock new Poppers!

Our video trailer – check it out!!!

How can I get Pop the Line?

Pop the Line is currently available on Android – get it for FREE here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Versality.PopTheLine

Will there be updates?

Most definitely!!!

We are currently working on more than 100 levels with 2 different challenging modes: Dark mode and Split mode!

We are regularly posting updates on twitter @GamesVersality and on our facebook page @versalitygames. So if you don’t want to miss an update or are interested to reading about the journey of developing Pop the Line, follow us!

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